Poetry Event

Come experience a unique poetry writing event on November 12th from 10-12pm. You will have the opportunity to encounter delightful scents to prompt you to a write a magical piece. There will be over 25 scents to choose from. The scent of roses may evoke memories of a beautiful summer day. The scent of cacao may stimulate pleasant thoughts of a delicious dessert at your favorite restaurant. The scent of pine needles may conjure the warmth of Christmas.

You will then have the opportunity to craft (and share) a piece based on the emotions you felt when you experienced your selected scent. There will be two or three rounds.

The event will be held at the LW Center in 1525 King Street, Alexandria, VA (Old Town).

Cost: $20 per person

Parking: There is metered parking on the street in front of the building. Nearby side streets are free for 2-3 hours. You can walk to the building from the King Street Metro Station.

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